At CFG Wealth Management, we understand..

Business owners like you need more than investment management services to grow and protect your assets. That is why we focus on the big picture—as well as the fine points—when developing your wealth management plan.

We focus exclusively on meeting the specialized needs of successful business owners like you. Our comprehensive wealth management services can help you succeed in all phases of your financial life by focusing on several key objectives, including:

  • Protecting and growing your investment portfolio. This is the foundation upon which we build our relationship. Our team of money management professionals can help simplify your life by managing your short-term and long-term assets in accordance with your goals and risk tolerance. Whether your goal is capital preservation, capital growth, income, or a combination of these objectives, we will develop a customized approach to help meet your objectives.
  • Identifying and managing risk. As a business owner, you face unique risks to your business and your livelihood. Our team of independent advisors can help ensure that you have the right protections in place. 
  • Optimizing your tax strategy. We examine both short-term and long-range goals to help you maximize cash flows and minimize taxes. We collaborate with CPAs who are experts in helping business owners navigate the ever-changing tax landscape. 
  • Protecting your legacy. Your family has been there for you every step of the way, helping you build a successful business. Our experts can help you develop an effective estate plan to protect all you have worked so hard to achieve for your family and for future generations. 
  • Giving back to your community. Sharing the fruits of your success with community organizations or your favorite charities requires a thoughtful plan. We can help you build an enduring legacy that maximizes the impact of your charitable giving and the tax benefits you gain.


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